Munch-N-Done® is a patented, lightweight Anti-Grazing Riding Muzzle

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Applying Your Munch-N-Done®

The Munch-N-Done® is a lightweight, low profile solution to the nibbling issue. The strapping is not designed to be cinched down tight around the muzzle. The elastic in the strapping should not be stretched if applied correctly, and if using a nose-band strap, it should not be pulling your nose-band down.

Step 1: After removing the Munch-N-Done® from it’s package, pop and smooth the darts out to create a nice basket shape to form around your horse’s muzzle. It is designed to be form filling, and will cup the muzzle snugly.

Step 2: The Upper Munch-N-Done® strap (Longer strapping with our Logo on it) is fed through the headstall cheek-piece loops on both sides, from top to bottom, where your bit is attached to the headstall. Once fed through, go back up behind the cheekpiece, against your horse’s skin, and feed, from the top again, back down through the cheekpiece loop. You are creating a loop with our strapping, around the backside of your headstall cheek-piece loop.

Step 3: The Upper strapping loop velcro is then pressed firmly into the lower strapping hook velcro under the horse’s chin.

Step 4: Check to ensure the Munch-N-Done® is centered on the horse’s nose, and fitted snugly, but not tightly. The elastic should NOT be stretched out when applied correctly. The basket of the muzzle should seat up against the front of your horses’ muzzle. If it does not, your Munch-N-Done® may be too small. Excess velcro can then be trimmed off with a scissors for a neater look.

The entire process of tacking up the horse with a Munch-N-Done® takes less than a minute.

The following video shows the past strapping method of just running the upper loop velcro once through cheek-piece. We now recommend creating one loop around the cheek-piece before securing it below the horses’ chin. Look soon for a new video on the process!

Applying a Munch-N-Done®, Universal Strapping with the Optional NoseBand Strap

What happens if my horse gets loose while wearing the Munch-N-Done®?

No worries! The Munch-N-Done® is designed to be used only while under saddle. This means that while under your control, with you at the steering wheel, you are preventing your horse from rubbing their muzzle on any objects. If left to their own devices, they will eventually be able to work the Munch-N-Done® to one side or the other. If it should catch on anything, like a twig or stick, the velcro strapping will give long before your horse could even think of getting it actually hung up good and solid on anything. So fear not, your horse will not starve to death, and will most likely be found happily grazing away by the time you do get caught up to him (or her).

Do I order the regular Munch-N-Done,or should I be ordering the Deep Muzzle version?

Our regular Munch-N-Done is suitable for owner ridden horses. It works best on horses that tend to be very well broke, laid back and non-reactive to new things or situations. It works well with horses tending towards the lazy side, that are quiet on the bit.

Our Deep Muzzle version should be chosen if others will be riding your horses. Children, non experienced riders, and dude strings should look at this option only. The deeper basket almost completely prevents the possibility of our product sliding off to one side, and is designed to be used on horses who’s riders may not be paying the most attention to what is going on. This option should also be chosen for the forward going horses, who may tend towards being high strung, and may also exhibit behaviors like fidgeting with their bits.

Munch-N-Done® Sizing

Sizing is critical. You want the Munch-N-Done® to cup the muzzle, but not so snug that the darts are preventing the mesh basket from seating down against your horses’ muzzle. You do not want it so large that the mesh is covering the nostrils, or gapping way out and way from the muzzle on the sides. On the appropriately fitting Munch-N-Done®, our Logo should rest 1 1/2″ to 2″ above the nostrils, the nostrils should not be covered by mesh, and these should be minimal gapping on the sides. You are better erring on the side of a little too large. You cannot get away with a little too small.

Typically, our Mini B size fits your larger Miniature Horses. It is generally going to be too large for the smaller Mini A size miniature horses. The pony size should fit most Shetland ponies, hackney ponies, or other ponies roughly 10-11 hands in height. Our Arab/Cob size should fit the larger ponies, or small horses (up the about 14 hands high) with small, refined muzzles. Our Standard horse size fits most stock type breeds, quarter horse type heads, 14-15.2 hands in height. The Large Horse size fits most draft crosses, Norwegian Fjords, large Halflingers, Fresians, and big gaited horses, Our Draft size is for very large full size draft horses.

Following is a rough estimate on best fitting options. If your pony or horse is right at a borderline, we recommend going up a size as you can get away with a little too big. You can’t get away with too small. Keep in mind, this is just a rough guesstimate. If your horse has large, widely set nostrils, err on the side of caution, and order the next size up if you are right at a borderline bit size.

Mini B Size 3 1/2″ to 3 3/4″ bit size
Pony Size 4″ to 4 1/2″ bit size
Arab/Cob Size 4 1/2″ to 4 3/4″ bit size
Standard Horse Size 5″ to 5 1/4″ bit size
Large Horse Size 5 1/2″ to 5 3/4″ bit size
Draft Horse Size 6″ and up bit size

If you have any doubts as to whether your Munch-N-Done® is fitting correctly, shoot us an email, with pictures, front and side view, of your horses wearing it’s Munch-N-Done®, and we can tell you immediately if it is a good fit. If you are concerned about ordering the correct size, shoot us an email or give us a call and we can assist you with ordering.


We allow 30 days for free size exchanges or refunds. Mail clean product and its packaging back to us at:

Include new size desired, your name, your mailing address and the PayPal transaction #. As soon as we receive the item, we will get your exchange mailed or refunded, minus shipping charges.

What if I ride with a Halter?

In order to use a Munch-N-Done® while riding with a halter, you will need to ensure that your halter has a snug fitting noseband. Munch-N-Done® does work with both web and rope halters. We recommend ordering our Deep Muzzle Edition for riding with halters. These come back a bit further on the sides of the muzzle, and greatly decrease the possibility of your horse getting the Munch-N-Done® pushed to one side or another. You will need to order it with the optional NoseBand strap.

Our Strapping Options

Keeper Straps

NOTICE: We will be discontinuing our Keeper Strap option on January 1, 2019. If you desire a Munch-N-Done with Keeper strapping you should order sooner than later, as we are becoming limited in a few of our sizes. After December 31, this option will no longer be available.

Keeper straps are an option on the Arab/Cob, Standard, and Large Horse size regular Munch-N-Done® . Keeper straps are NOT available on our Deep Muzzle Edition. These are velcro straps that help stabilize the Munch-N-Done® by velcroing over the ends of the headstall cheek-pieces where the Munch-N-Done® upper strapping has been fed down through the opening in the cheek-piece where the bit attaches to the headstall. These straps make it easier to bridle and un-bridle your horse and simply leave the Munch-N-Done® attached to your headstall, and ready for the next ride. There is an additional cost of $2.00 on any Munch-N-Done® that you order with the Keeper Strap Option.

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Keeper Straps work on grazing type, shanked bits ONLY. All other bits, snaffles, bitless bridles, hackamores, gag bits, etc, will need to order the Universal (formerly Bitless/O Ring) strapping option. The Universal Strapping will also work on all of the same bits the keeper straps will work on, as well, so if you desire a more versatile Munch-N-Done® that will work on nearly anything and everything, order the Universal Strapping.

Universal Strapping

The Universal strapping is hands down the most versatile strapping option we offer. If you use any type of snaffle bit, O Ring, D Ring, Gag, Full Cheek etc, you need to order the Universal strapping. This strapping can be used with literally ANY bit configuration, hackamore, bitless bridle, halter/bridle combo headstall, or halter, and all shanked bits as well. If you plan on using your Munch-N-Done® on different horses or different headstalls, we highly recommend getting your Munch-N-Done® equipped with our Universal Strapping. There is NO additional charge for the Universal Strapping Option.

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Large O-Ring, Gag Bits, Butterfly Bits, Daisy Bits

If you ride with any of the above bits, or any style bit that requires an unusually short headstall cheek-piece you need to mention in the comments box when you order, that you need longer strapping.

Nose-Band Strap

Nose-Band Straps are now also an option on all of our Munch-N-Done® sizes. This is a velcro strap that attaches the Munch-N-Done® to the existing nose-band on your headstall, or the nose-band of your halter if you ride with halters under your headstalls. It provides extra stability to the Munch-N-Done® and prevents the Munch-N-Done® from possibly sliding down the nose should the horse rub on something. There is an additional $2.00 charge for this option. Obviously, if your headstall does not have a nose-band strap incorporated into it’s design, or you do not ride with a halter under your headstall, you do not want the nose-band strap option. This strap comes quite long, and will likely need to be trimmed to fit with a scissors.

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A Word on Bitless Bridles

Munch-N-Done® does work on bitless bridles. You need to order the universal strapping, without the optional NoseBand Loop. This strapping comes long enough for the unconventional means of attaching your Munch-N-Done® to a bitless bridle. The upper strapping is simply looped around the junction of the cheek piece to the nose-band. You do not want to order the optional nose-band Strap as on most bitless bridles, the Munch-N-Done® will come to rest UNDER your existing bitless bridle headstall, in most cases. You can get quite creative in finding a method of attachment that works for your selected tack. What you want to avoid is ANY attachment method that interferes with rein and/or bit action.

What Doesn’t our Munch-N-Done® work On?

Due to the loose fit of the average side-pull or bosal, it is not recommended that Munch-N-Done® be used on these types of tack. The relative loose fit of these headstalls allows the Munch-N-Done® to slide around more than it should, and it could actually slide off to one side or the other. Munch-N-Done® does work on rope and web halters, as long as they are snug fitting to the horses or ponies heads.

Getting your Horse Used to the Munch-N-Done®

Make absolutely sure your horse is used to wearing it’s Munch-N-Done® from the ground before you climb aboard. Behavior you can expect: lip wrinkling, blowing through the nostrils, attempts to grab the sides of the Munch-N-Done® with their lips, rubbing their nose on their front legs, the ground, and stationary objects like trees, posts etc. If you have access to a round pen, apply the Munch-N-Done® and walk them right out. Keep them moving. If you have no access to a round pen, lead them out on a lead rope or by their reins. It is VERY important while they are getting used to it, that you DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO RUB ON ANYTHING! Once they have quit fussing with it, allow them to try taking a nibble. Do not allow them to try hard enough or close enough to the ground, to actually rub their muzzle on the ground. You need to let them try a few times, so that they teach themselves that their days of nibbling are over. Surprisingly, they learn this shockingly fast, and usually by the end of the first ride, they are no longer trying to grab anything. Contrary to what you may think, horses do NOT develop a resentment over this, so do not fear your horse will all of a sudden hate you. At this time you can mount up and ride out.

We have also found with our own extensive field testing, and testimonials from our customers, that after regular use, you can actually start riding them without their Munch-N-Done® and they will not nibble. Just an occasional refresher is needed every once in a while to remind them where their focus needs to be. This is a much more humane method of “training” them out of this behavior, and it completely eliminates the battle. No more Jerk and Spur. You WILL get your horse’s focus back, and you can honestly Start Enjoying That Ride!

Deep Muzzle Munch-N-Done®

We do offer a riding muzzle built ultra heavy duty, with a little different design. It is designed to be used in order to give your horse near complete freedom of head in heavy cover and off-trail settings. These Munch-N-Done® come with a wider, heavier duty webbing and velcro on the Pony, Arab/Cob and Standard Horse sizes, and a deeper basket. Ideal also for horses that tend to have very active lip and mouth movement while going down the trail. Used extensively on Scented Search and Rescue teams, it is also ideal to be used by riding stables where novice riders will be riding your dude string or lesson horses. We offer 3 colors, our standard black in color, blaze orange, and lime green. These are available in Pony, Arab/Cob, Standard Horse, Large Horse, and Draft sizes. The Deep Muzzle Munch-N-Done® comes in Universal Strapping Only, but the NoseBand strap is an option that is available.

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