Munch-N-Done ® Sizing

Munch-N-Done ® Sizing

Sizing is critical. You want the Munch-N-Done ® to cup the muzzle, but not so snug that the darts are preventing the mesh basket from seating down against your horse’s muzzle. You do not want it so large that the mesh is covering the nostrils, or gapping way out and away from the muzzle on the sides. On the appropriately fitting Munch-N-Done TM, the logo should rest 1 1/2″ to 2″ above the nostrils, the nostrils should not be covered by mesh, and there should be minimal gapping on the sides. You are better erring on the side of a little too large. You cannot get away with it being a little too small.

Typically, the Mini size fits the larger Miniature Shetlands.

The pony size should fit Standard size Shetlands, Welsh Section A, B and C’s , Dartmoor, New Forest up to 10-11 hands in height.

The Arab/Cob size should fit the larger ponies up to 14 hands with small refined muzzles.

Standard horse size fits most horses between 14 – 15.2 hands in height with the Larger Horse fitting those over 15.2 hands.

The Extra Large size is for Shires and horses around 18 hands and above.

If you have any doubts as to whether your Munch-N-Done ® is fitting correctly, send me an email with pictures, front and side view, of your horse wearing its Munch-N-Done ® and I can let you know if it is a good fit.

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