Nose Band Straps

Nose band straps come on all of the Munch-N-Done's (but not the Deep Muzzle Munch-N-Done®). This is a velcro strap that attaches the Munch-N-Done® to the existing nose band of…

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What if I ride with a halter?

What if I ride with a halter?

We recommend ordering the Deep Muzzle Edition for riding with halters. These come back a bit further on the sides of the muzzle, and greatly decrease the possibility of your…

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Munch-N-Done ® Sizing

Sizing is critical. You want the Munch-N-Done ® to cup the muzzle, but not so snug that the darts are preventing the mesh basket from seating down against your horse's…

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Bitless Bridles

Munch-N-Done TM work on bitless bridles too. The Universal strapping comes long enough for the unconventional means of attaching your Munch-N-Done TM to a bitless bridle. The upper strap is…

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